Updates At West Cork Casting Studio


3-D Casting Open for Business

When lockdown first happened I had a moment of panic, like a lot of you, I’m sure. How long will this go on for? How are we going to manage being together 24/7? What will happen my business? And then, like most, I just got on with it. I was somewhat conscious of using the time well and using it to develop some of the “businessy” end of things…. something I’m often allergic to! But when I look back over the past few months I’m delighted to see I’ve achieved a lot, hopefully enough to keep me going into the future. Some of the highlights…

I’ve kept myself busy over the last few months and even developed a new product – Fingerprint Keepsake Jewellery – to keep loved ones close. Everything I do here is about you and your family, all those memories and that special bond you have developed and I’m thrilled to be able to offer a full service again. I’ve really missed the excitement of new babies, the joy of newly wed couples, the contentment of older couples and the fun crazy chaos of family groups. you’ll find my shop where these sterling silver keepsake charms are available here on my website….

👉 https://www.westcorkcastingstudio.ie/shop/


I’ve been working on an online booking system which will make it much easier for you to find available times and make your booking. You will find here and a link on my page….

👉 https://calendly.com/westcorkcastingst…/family-baby-handcast


there will be a few changes when you come here to make your unique keepsake. You will all be asked to wash or sanitise your hands on arrival and I will wear a mask and gloves while I work. All equipment and surfaces will be sanitised between uses. I rarely book more than two groups in here on one day so there is little chance of meeting another customer here.

Baby casting tour will go ahead in September or early October, time slots for this will be increased so there is enough time between customers to fully sanitise the work area. Also I’ve found a wonderful new local supplier who will build my baby frames for me.

You will also find me at the Southern Brides Wedding Expo on Sunday September 13th! Some changes to the format and access is strictly by appointment. You can book a slot at the event page on the Southern Brides page.