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For the most part I will take lifecast appointments on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays contact me, Maura, at info@westcorkcasting.ie for more details or to make a booking. 

Baby Casts

3-D Baby Cast3-D Baby Cast

How precious are those little fingers and toes? Capture your little baby’s hands and/or feet in an extra special 3D cast. Pieces come in a hand built solid wood box frame in black or limed white, options with frame size and cast finishes (white, gold, silver, copper).

  • €110 1 cast framed no photo
  • €160 2 casts framed no photo
  • €200 2 casts framed plus photo
  • €260 4 casts framed plus photo


Family Circle


Preserve a fleeting moment in your growing family’s life with a family handcast.  Beautiful 3-D keepsake to treasure forever within the family. Mark any special family occasions by booking a Family Circle handcast.  The price includes  professional framing.

  • 3 hands €350
  • 4 hands €400
  • 5 hands €450


Couples: Weddings, Wedding Anniversaries

3-D Couple Handcast


Mark the occasion of your marriage or anniversary with a beautiful 3-D cast of you hand in hand.  A couples handcast makes a wonderful gifts, gift vouchers available.  The price includes professional framing.

  • 2 hands €300



Older Parents and Grandparents

Hand in hand for all eternity, those lines that could tell stories, that hand that held yours…beautiful, emotional pieces to treasure and pass on within the family. A 3-d hand cast captures all the detail of your loved ones hands.  The price professional framing.

  • 2 hands €300




Paw Casting 

3-d Paw cast of your four legged best friend

Small Frame, 2 casts €160

Medium Frame, 2 casts +photo €200




Pregnancy Casts

Hard to believe but you do forget what size you were when you were growing your belly! I lovely reminder of your pregnancy journey and also a beautiful piece of sculpture.  

Plaster bandage pregnancy belly casts are the most popular. Quick and easy to make and you take the cast home on the day for you to decorate later.  It captures the shape of your belly and breasts (if included) and takes approximately 20/25 minutes to make. 

  • Plaster bandage belly €80Plaster Bandage Bellycast

A full lifecast pregnancy bellycast captures in stunning detail every aspect of your pregnant belly.  Mum’s or partners hands can also be added and captured in detail.  This takes a bit longer to make, up to 40 minutes and takes 3-4 weeks before it’s ready for collection.  The finished piece is a very much a piece of artwork and will look amazing displayed at home. 

  • 3-D Pregnancy Cast
  • Prices start at €300 for belly and breasts
  • Additional €50 per hand/arm

Pregnancy belly cast

Your Ideas! 

If you had your own idea for a lifecast pose please get in touch to discuss. Prices Start from €100.

3-D Handcast


3-D bum cast



3-d cast for stage

3-d cast for stage