Three Generations…or is that Four!?

A couple of months ago I had a very nice job on.  The main customer wanted me to cast their family, husband, wife and young teenage children and both their parents.  It was lovely to capture three generations and no doubt these will be passed along to the two children in the piece…and perhaps even their children in time!

The request in this case was for the pieces unmounted as they had an idea of how they were going to disply the pieces themselves. Recently I was sent some picture of the pieces hanging and they are just stunning.  The hands are all mounted on some slate that came from the house the customers father grew up in, so his grandparents house!  I just love how the family connection is kept by mounting them on slate from the old homeplace to create a centre piece for a new homeplace….how one of the older hands was born under the slate that now displays the hand that tell the story of his life…beautiful