Love is in the Air

There must be something going on alright! Suddenly I seem to be surrounded by couples holding hands.  I had a wedding anniversary myself recently, and so did several of my customers.  On the bench at the moment are a 40th and a 25th wedding anniversay as well as a gorgeous cast of a newly married couple.

It’s all got me thinking! I’m pretty sentimental and often imagine the future life of the pieces I make.  Imagining people looking back and remembering the day they had their hands cast or the story Granny told about it.  But the sight of these couples holding hands has me thinking about what it all means right now. For the young recently married couple there is so much hope and optimism for the future you can actually feel it in the air.  Surely you get married in the hope that you will end a long and happy life together!  And then the anniversaries marking the mile stones along the way, proving that you are getting there together.  Life’s not easy and relationships have their ups and down but what makes any relationship valuable is the time and work and commitment you put in together.  I love the idea of having your hands cast together either as a promise for the future or as a marker of how far you have come as a couple and as a commitment to keep going!  Best wishes to all the couples xx