“I will have this to treasure long after she is gone”

Getting a nice review is always good but once in a while I see a statement like this and thing “Wow, what I can offer people really is a treasure”.   Initially when I was first interested in lifecasting the detail is what caught my eye.  But more and more I’m realising how powerfully emotional a piece can be.  How just looking at a loved ones hand can bring back so many memories of times spent together and can bring a degree of comfort for a loss or separation.  As part of my Mother’s Day offer I cast a pair of hands for Sandra with her lovely Mam, Ann. She recently posted this lovely review. Thank you Sandra.

“I recently contacted Maura as I had decided to get my mam and my hand cast. After a few delays on my behalf I finally took mam on the 24 th Feb to meet Maura and have the cast done . Maura was more than nice to us both and made us feel totally wellcome in her home . The whole procedure only took about ten minutes and was ready for collection three weeks later . I am thrilled with the result my mam will be 90 in Sept and I will have this to treasure long after she is gone . It is a wonderful idea as a present and as I said it us a keepsake forever. I would highly recommend Maura and the wonderful work she does”  Sandra O’Donovan (April 2018)