Holding Hands Forever

Great-granddad (95) and his 5 year old Great-granddaughter

A couple of years ago I was asked by a lovely young woman, Sharon, to do a very special job. Her Granddad was 95 at the time and her little daughter was 5, she wanted a cast of both their hands toghether. It was a beautiful piece to do, granddad/great-grandad was such a gentle man, soft spoken and curious about what I was doing. He had the most amazing hands, long and thin and of couse so many lines and wrinkles that told the story of his life. The contrast between these and the little 5year old hand – no lines or wrinkles yet and a life of stories yet to tell – is beautiful. Just this morning I had a lovely message from Sharon…

“Hi Maura
I saw the competition you ran in January and all the beautiful memories that people wanted to create. I just wanted to say thank you again for doing the amazing handcast of my lovely grandad and daughter. I am so glad that we took the time to have it done. Now that he is no longer with us I can’t express how lovely it is to still be able to hold his hand. Thank you again for your fabulous work and talent. Sharon xx”